Suit for family celebrations

added 2018-04-20

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In May such a family celebration is usually the First Communion of the child. Although it is not as formal occasion as wedding, nevertheless it is worth an elegant outfit, appropriate to the occasion. In particular, if you are father, grandfather or Godfather of the first-communion child.

We recommend classic designs and rather light suit colors considering the sun in May. Best colours are gray, blue or light gray. In addition, a bright shirt, tie in a toned calm pattern and toned handkerchief perfectly complement the image of an elegant man during family celebrations. A lot of celebrations can be outdoors and if there is warm and sunny weather you should dress a suit tailored in a lighter colour and a lighter fabric than those typically tailored for the winter.

We warmly invite you for free image tips to our Salon in Zachodnia St. 14 in Wroclaw. Thanks to such consultations, each gentleman will be dressed according to the celebration.


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