Wedding suit. Accessories. Part IV

added 2018-03-26

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Accessories to the wedding suit are not only an essential part to the Groom's outfit but they guarantee of an elegant appearance and testify to the sophisticated taste. They add class and prestige in the smallest detail. Matching in the right way will make each suit gains a completely different, more prestigious character. In the case of wedding stylization, they are even obligatory.

Such a mandatory accessory to the wedding shirt are cufflinks, color-matched to the wedding ring and the watch, which is also an important element of the man's stylization. Keep moderate and discreet elegance when using clips. Extravagance is absolutely not seen in this case. Cufflinks should, however, be visible. Navy sleeves can not completely cover them. The shirt should stick out from the sleeve of the jacket to about 2 cm, then the cufflinks will be able to fulfill their decorative function. When buying cufflinks, it is worth paying attention to their size, finish, and above all to the style that should be adequate for the occasion like the wedding. 

It is better to invest in good-quality cuffs than make a reckless purchase, because elegance is always the sum of small details. The trouser belt is another detail of considerable importance. It should be soft, leather with an elegant but delicate buckle that can be coherent with the nature of the cufflinks. The color and shape of the belt should be chosen in turn for shoes. The wedding-style shoes should be made of natural leather, with a thin sole and a simple cut, with a light spike. In this case, the statement works: the less the better. Speaking of shoes, you have to write a few words and socks. First of all, the color should be consistent with the shoes, and the safest length is half-calf. Natural material, such as cotton, is the most comfortable proposal that will ensure that even after a long day and night, the groom will feel comfortable.


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