Wedding suit. Accessories. Part III

added 2018-03-22

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While preparing for the wedding, the groom most often focuses on choosing the right suit and shirt, but one cannot forget about such elementary accessories such as a tie or a bow tie, or cuff links, a trouser belt, a watch. They are an essential complement to the groom's outfit and guarantee an elegant look during the ceremony. What is the most crucial principle when choosing accessories? Let's start with a dilemma: tie or bow tie?

A good quality tie should be made of silk. It is worth paying attention to its inside, if it is also made of silk, it will make the tie easy to tie up and it will not be deformed later. When buying a tie, it's a good idea to check how it's going. Just grab the narrow end and see - if it hangs freely and simply. If it swerves or rolls, it means it will not fit well on your shirt. Inside the tie there should be sewn in a linen gusset, which affects the maintenance of the shape of the knot. Those that do not have such an insert are difficult to form properly. The ends of the tie should be properly lined on the inside, preferably the same material from which the whole tie is made.

The width of the tie depends on the width of the flaps of jacket. If they are narrow, the tie should also be narrow. However, when the jacket has wide flaps, the tie should be wide. A properly tied tie should reach the end to the upper edge of the belt in the trousers, possibly it may overlap slightly on the belt, but it may not exceed it in length. What’s more, the length of the tie must match the height of the man. Typically, ties have a length of about 140 cm.

When it comes to the colour of the tie and the pattern, classic, discreet models will suit perfectly. The pattern should be subtle, because shiny, bright models are inapropriate. The best tying of the tie is "four in hand".

Men who want to emphasize the uniqueness of their outfit chooses a bow tie. This is a proposal with a greater degree of formality than a tie, because the bow tie is associated with sophisticated elegance. Should be tied itself and you have to wear a suitable shirt - with a covered pleat covering the buttons. The collar has a huge significance in a wedding stylization with a bow tie. A shirt collar to a suit should be tied in half-Italian or classic with a covered pleat. The canon of men's fashion is that we put a black bow tie on a tuxedo and white on a dress coat.

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