Wedding suit. Shirt and Accessories Part II

added 2018-02-28

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The wedding is a unique event in the life of a man. This is one of the most important moments that should be remembered as absolutely exceptional, so it is worth to prepare well for it and be dressed elegant. While the suit is one of the priorities for the groom, let's not forget about the accessories. They are also important and the details complete the whole. One of the most important is the shirt.

When it comes to the very special opportunity like your wedding, one thing leaves no doubt - accessories should be not only adequate to the situation, but chosen wisely. The exaggeration is particularly bad in this case, because formal elegance often means simplicity. The shirt of the groom should be immaculate white, made of cotton, preferably with a twill weave. The shirt should have a stiffened collar, and the pleat should be covered – in case the groom intends to wear a bow tie. If he intends to wear a tie the pleat should be smooth. There should be no pocket on the breast of the wedding white shirt. The cuffs should be with cuff links, however, and in this case the principle prevails: the less the better. Cuff links should have a subtle shape, preferably in one colour, minimalistic design. The cuffs of such a shirt can be cut at right angles, and this is the most formal, even sophisticated version or with a rounded or truncated corner - these versions are, however, less formal.

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