Wedding suit. Part I

added 2018-02-26

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Wedding is certainly extraordinary and one of the most important events in life. On this day everyone wants to feel exceptional, especially the most important characters of the event - Bride and Groom. What should the suit be for the groom? Certainly elegant and festive, so that any of the invited guests has got no doubt who is the most important on that day.

The wedding ceremony, especially when it is planned for a few dozen people and more, are events as solemn as well as demanding and whatever you say - stressful. That is why such features of the groom's suit as: comfort, convenience and adequacy to his temperament are also important. It is essential that the man feel good, comfortably and at the same time elegantly. The wedding is an event with a significant level of formality, so the groom should remember about the most important issues that are really the canon of men's fashion.

Dark blue or navy blue and also gray suits in a uniform set (i.e. the jacket and trousers are made of the same material) are the most often chosen ones for wedding. Dark blue in the darkest shade - the colour so-called midnight blue is one of the most elegant proposals for wedding stylization, but not the only one. It is also suitable for other more formal occasions. The suit of midnight blue colour can be fitted with a matching tie and a handkerchief. For such a special occasion as a wedding, a narrow, white handkerchief is the best option.

The best and also the simplest choice, which is not difficult is a jacket fastened with 2 buttons with flaps in spitz or open flaps. A set of a wedding suit can also include a vest, but this is an additional proposal, great especially for those gentlemen who like to play with fashion and wear 3-piece suits. The vest can be made of the same material as the suit or other, preferably smooth, gray - at the same time completing the whole picture of the wedding suit. Suits made of dark gray fabric match well for a wedding. Gray is a neutral color and at the same time elegant, therefore completed with carefully chosen accessories, such as a tie, a buttonhole and a flower in a buttonhole, perfectly suits the role of the groom's wedding stylization.

NOOR suits have been accompanying our clients during weddings for many years because they have been designed and tailored with the thought of such special occasions as weddings. We provide individual consultations not only for the wedding, but for each of our clients. We invite you to visit our shop at Zachodnia st. 14 in Wroclaw.



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