• Suits and jackets tailor made
  • Trousers - tailor made

About us

We are the Wrocław company dedicated to the production and sale of men's clothing. We have been operating since 1991. We offer men's suits, jackets, trousers and necessary in the male wardrobe - shirts, ties or linings. Thanks to the cooperation of the leaders among producers of fabrics and accessories from Italy, France, Portugal and Spain, we have the materials of the highest quality.

We use high-quality woollen fabrics, often with the addition of mohair, cashmere and silk. Sustainable development, participation in international trade fairs and events helps us to select both the most beautiful patterns and fabric colors and typefaces that are compatible with the latest fashion trends.

To produce our clothes we entrust to a permanent establishment in the opinion of the "best of the needle" in Poland. High-quality fabric in combination with the quality of precious stones and using the best additions makes the final product is presented perfectly. Attention to detail, finish and interesting design, combined with the latest technologies for comfort and elegant look.

Individual collections are sewn in small quantities. A wide range of sizes allows you to fit clothes for the most demanding. We are open to the individual needs of the client, we will be happy to advise you and provide expert advice.

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