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NOOR suits in New York? Yes, it's possible! Real weapons, authentic old cars, sharp ammunition and real men. Gentlemen in elegant suits from the best tailor in the city. Is this a movie showing the days of Prohibition in New York in the 20s of the last century? New York was and still is a fascinating city where men wear elegant and prestigious suits on a daily basis. Such as NOOR suits from Wroclaw, which are perfectly cut, sewn in the best style and timeless!


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Suits for every occasion

If you are looking for a suit for work or family events or gatherings, fairs, presentations and official ceremonies surely we can help you. We offer a large selection of suits and jackets for every occasion. We have clothes in many colours, designs and styles. With us, even the most demanding customers will find something for everyone. Remember, good quality of your clothing means your image.

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About us

In a few words

We are the Wrocław company dedicated to the production and sale of men's clothing. We have been operating since 1991. We offer men's suits, jackets, trousers and necessary in the male wardrobe shirts and ties.


If you are looking for suits and jackets of excellent quality for every occasion, it is worth getting interested in the offer in our store.

Best suit in Wrocław

Our suits from Wroclaw enjoy great reputation and wide recognition among our clients. They are perfect for different situations and on many occasions, both social and family as well as professional, i.e. business meetings. So, if you are considering now choosing the right and elegant clothing, such as wedding suit, casual clothing for a party or elegant suit for a conference or business meeting - we invite you to purchase your suit in Wrocław. Suit of the Polish brand NOOR.

Especially for all our clients, we offer tailor-made services. Wrocław is a city that offers many cultural and social opportunities. It's worth taking care to look good and in accordance with your individual style all the time. It is extremely important that elegant clothes such as a tailor-made suit are ideally suited to each client. The most important thing in the selection of the right suit is the sense of comfort and freedom. We intend our customers feel naturally and freely in their suit, and perfectly presented in it. This is a big challenge for any tailor of suits or jackets, and we always try to meet even the most demanding recommendations.

Tailored suits are our strength

Our clothes, i.e. suits or jackets, are tailored only by great tailors who put their whole heart into preparing the best product. So you can be sure that every order will be made with the highest care and pietism. The elegant look is extremely important in business contacts, because the outfit is that element to which attention is paid the first of all, during each conversation. And often, a lot depends on a good first impression.

Men's jackets symbolize sporty elegance

 A style that is more and more often seen at business conferences is the so-called sporty elegance, combining comfort with impeccable look. An obligatory element of this style is a well-tailored and perfectly fitted jacket. Our offer includes exquisite quality men's jackets. Wrocław is a modern city that offers many business opportunities, and this involves numerous conferences, presentations and company meetings, during which it is worth presenting yourself perfectly. In all these situations, an impeccable and elegant look that is a sign of professionalism and respect for a potential clients. A good jacket from Wroclaw, which is undoubtedly the one purchased in Noor, can contribute to business success, because the awareness that we look good gives us confidence. So let's opt for our Wroclaw men's jackets, which are distinguished by the outstanding quality of materials and a great cut.

Unique wedding suits from Wroclaw

We offer a unique service of tailored-suit - suit made in Wroclaw of course – especially on the occasion of a special day in the life of every man, which is certainly the wedding day. It is important that the groom presents himself impeccably, because it is widely believed that the wedding suit is to be the best dress that the man in his life will wear. Our offer includes only the best quality men's wedding suits. Wrocław is a place where many weddings, both church wedding and civil, take place in a variety of styles. We give you the opportunity to match the perfect suit tailor-made in Wrocław, and thus directly in the place of your wedding. This saves time and money.

Take advantage of the offer of suits in Noor, Wrocław

We invite you to take interest in the offer of our store with men's suits and jackets. You will certainly find the perfect product for yourself and we will gladly advise you on your choice if you have any doubts. You can also get inspired by the pictures on our website and plan a suit project, which we will then gladly prepare for you. We wish you effective search and encourage you to contact us.